“If the language of science has been logic, the language of spirituality has been mystical metaphor. Logic is clear and determinate. Metaphor is misty and evocative. Mystical knowing evokes mind-tingling and heart-felt intimations of ‘mysterious’ realities that we cannot yet clearly see with our rational mind. Spiritual awareness has been like an early warning system that something is there, even if we cannot distinctly “see it” yet with our rational mind.” from “The Physics of Spirit: God, Heaven and Human Consciousness (English Edition)” by Derryl Hermanutz

Wisley Aguiar

Filósofo e programador web. Trabalha atualmente com Marketing Digital e faz pesquisas na área de Filosofia Social, Religião e Política. Membro do grupo de estudos em Ciência e Espiritualidade desde 2018. Tem interessem em assuntos de Filosofia da Religião. Ciência e Técnica. Espiritualidade e Política.

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